Where We’ve Been

Traveling around the world is the heart of World Adventurers Club! Take a look at some of the places we have visited so far!


When most people think of exotic travel, Arizona is not on their list. However, the northern part of the state is home to the Grand Canyon, and the whole state is home to some of the most iconic Western scenery. A small group of us made a road trip out of it.

We started by exploring Saguaro National Park, then headed north to do some hiking near Sedona. At the end of our trip, we were up at the Grand Canyon at sunrise and spent the day exploring.


Brazil is one of the larger countries, so we didn’t get to explore all of it. But a couple of our members went down for the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to explore more.

After we’d explored the landscape around Rio, including a rain forest jeep expedition, we hopped on the high-speed train to Sao Paulo. We rented bikes around the city, learned to windsurf, and ate way too much food.


The World Adventurers Club has been to Europe several times. For many of us, it’s the first place we went internationally. As a group, we’ve made regional trips centered around the English Channel, the Alps, and the Nordic countries.

Each time we go, we pick a new city as our base of operations. We’ve hiked through Switzerland, gone on Northern Lights explorations in Finland, and enjoyed walking tours of London. What we focus on really depends on the country.

New York

New York City is a city of rich history, so each member of the original World Adventurers Club has been at least once. There’s always a new hidden gem to find, plus the variety of food is unbelievable. On our last trip, we went to historical sites like Ellis Island, The Met, and the Brooklyn Bridge. It was a lot of walking but also a lot of fun to experience as a group. Of course, there’s a lot more to New York than one city, and we’re hoping to explore more of it soon: Hiking in the Adirondacks sounds like a great adventure!

Southeast Asia

This was one of the most extensive trips we’ve taken, taking in three countries: Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. We started in busy Bangkok and traveled mostly by bus to peaceful Koh Lanta, Siem Reap (Angkor Wat was spectacular!), bustling Phnom Penh, historic Hoi An, and the scenic Halong Bay, ending our trip in Hanoi. Each of these countries has stunning vistas to explore and a rich heritage.