What We Do

Wondering what exactly it is that we do here? Check out some of our favorite activities!


Hiking is one of the most accessible forms of adventure out there. If you happen to live near one of the club’s founders, you’ll always have company for a hike: They get out whenever the weather allows. From short hikes to long weekend treks, they do it all. In fact, those are the trips we share most.

If you don’t have a hiking group in your area, we’d love to help you start one. A hiking community is an excellent network, and everyone has a different favorite trail to share with the group.


Hitting the slopes in the winter is one of the wonderful things about living near the mountains. Many of our members have season passes to nearby slopes. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, chances are good that someone in the World Adventurers Club has checked out the slopes near you recently.

Water-Based Sports

Summer is a fabulous time to do all kinds of outdoor activities. While we all like a good hike around a lake, there’s nothing like the thrill of rafting or the tranquility of fishing. As a group, we even learned about windsurfing in Sao Paulo! If you’re not afraid to get wet, join us on our next trip.

Destination Adventures

Sometimes, we pick a city or attraction from a member’s bucket list and go for it! Any destination is fair game, foreign or domestic, and these trips let us have a big adventure in a reasonably short amount of time.

Single-Country Exploration

When we take time to do a single-country exploration, we really dig deep. We look for the history and natural beauty of a place, absorbing its cultural nuances from place to place. For these trips, we plan on staying in three or four areas of the country. It really depends on the country as to whether we stay in large cities, isolated spots, or somewhere in between.

Longer Trips

Occasionally, the World Adventurers Club chooses to take a multi-country trip. These are great opportunities you don’t want to miss. The adventures practically find themselves here.

For multi-country trips, we start with a continent. Then, we’ll pick a region from that continent, such as the Balkans in Europe or the Northern Andes in South America. From there, we’ll take member input on places they loved, wanted more time at, and so on. Once we’ve assembled all the information, we’ll plan out our grand adventure!

These trips are great ways to really immerse yourself in different world cultures and make some lifelong friends along the way.


Sometimes, it’s nice just to get together and talk about where we’ve been and where we want to go. Our founding members used to get together over coffee, and we like to keep the tradition when we can. As we travel, you’ll see local gatherings happen in your area. Whether it’s a local bar or a fun activity, you just have to RSVP to one. It’s a terrific way to meet us before you go on a trip with the group!